Benefits of a HPTC Membership

Highland Park Tennis Club membership fees can be looked at as charitable contributions. Membership fees are used to support HPTC functions. They help to operate our Free Summer Clinic that runs from May thru mid-July.  The instructors are not paid for donating their time and talents.  Funds are needed to purchase and maintain equipment, i.e. balls, racquets, court squeezes, nets, re-stringing racquets, cones.  In line with our goal of giving back to the community and those in need, With your membership, HPTC makes contributions to other non-profit, tax exempt organizations such as (MADD) Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, (MADD), Sickle Cell Society, Gwen’s Girls, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)  MAD DADS ( Men Against Destruction Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder), food pantries and after school tennis programs.  

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If you do not receive an acknowledgement from us within 10 days, please give us a call at 412-795-4426 and leave a message indicating your full name, the amount of your donation, day that you mailed your donation and a telephone number so that return your call. 

Funds are also used to purchase awards and certificates,  to sponsor tournaments, awards, send cards and a small offering to members’ whose partners, mothers, fathers, or children meet death, send congratulatory and goodwill cards for sick and shut in members, congratulatory cards for members, when we are made aware of their accomplishments, support other tennis organizations and events, pay USTA dues, P.O. Box fees, postage, liability insurance, trophies, etc.   Members have the opportunity to bring family members or guests and take part in all of our activities, including our fun filled Spring Tennis Party, Free Summer Tennis Clinic, Free Clinic Party, Wrap Up Tournament and Party and Pittsburgh Steeler Party and Food Drive.

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Listed below are intangible benefits of an HPTC membership:

Membership Benefits

membership benefits

  1. Your membership will promote the growth and development of tennis in the Pittsburgh area.
  2. Improve and foster diversity and multicultural relationships.
  3. Maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle for yourself and others
  4. A tax-deductible contribution (lower taxes)
  5. Receive discounts into all HPTC tennis tournaments and activities
  6. Receive discounts on tennis apparel & tennis equipment and HPTC activities
  7. Participate in synergistic promotions with other United States Tennis Association’s (USTA) Community Tennis Associations (CTA’s), other tennis organizations/leagues & Pittsburgh’s Citiparks
  8. Network and socialize with 200 + members of HPTC (throughout the year & during 4 appreciation parties held each year)
  9. Enrollment in an United States Tennis Association (USTA) award winning organization
  10. Opportunity to give back to the community and fulfill your humanitarian responsibilities (volunteerism/charity)
  11. Chance to become a servant leader and make a difference in the lives of others

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Mail your tax-deductible contribution to HPTC today:


P.O.Box 5020

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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