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vickie bey

It is with extreme honor and humbleness that I have the pleasure of serving as the newly elected president of the Highland Park Tennis Club.

My love of tennis, and advocacy on behalf of it, came as a result of my interaction with the HPTC.  That love and desire could not have devel6+oped without my many encounters with the fantastic people who frequent the courts on Stanton Avenue, especially those connected with the Highland Park Tennis Club. That love grew as I sat in the stands and walked the grounds of the US Open, the 2014 Fed Cup held in Cleveland, Ohio, the Western & Southern in Mason, Ohio, Citi Open (formerly the Legg Mason Tennis Classic) in Washington, DC and the Kastles Stadium at the Wharf in Washington, DC. At each venue I met and talked with wonderful people who also love the game of tennis.

As is customary, when a new person comes on the court, folks have questions. They want to know, “Who is that person?”  What does she bring to the court?”  “What is her game plan?  Those are certainly valid concerns and I address them below under the headline, “Bey’s Courtside Chat” which will be an occasional, featured column on the HPTC website.

Bey’s Courtside Chat

Who is this Vickie Bey anyway?  Well, let’s start from the beginning.  I was born and raised in the wonderful city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  And yes, I am a child of the Pittsburgh Steeler Nation and bleed black and gold through and through.   I’m also a fan of the Pirates and the Penguins.  I proudly attended the Pittsburgh Public Schools.  My higher education was completed at the University of Pittsburgh from which I earned my BS and M Ed., in addition to receiving a Rhodes scholarship.

My involvement as an athlete in school sports included swimming, track, volleyball, and as a cheerleader. I enjoy bowling, para sailing (thanks Lillie Sipp), kayaking, whitewater rafting, scuba diving, sitting on the beach in a comfortable chair and sipping on a refreshing beverage. Tennis entered my life during the advanced stages of my adulthood and is one of my newest passions.

My professional experiences are varied and include but are not limited to serving as a salesclerk,  bank teller, administrative assistant, office manager, event planner, college instructor, business owner, actress, director, tour manager, house manager,  teacher of adult literacy,  job interviewing and  job re-entry skills, being a magician and 28 years as an educator and administrator with the Pittsburgh Board of Education.

I love to meet new people, to laugh and have a good time.  On the personal level, I am the proud mother of a wonderful, grown daughter. As a side note, I am single and available to the right suitor.

My goals for the Highland Park Tennis Club are:

  1. Maintain the integrity of the HPTC
  2. Recruit new people with fresh ideas, skills and positive attitudes and bring them into the fold of the Highland Park Tennis Club as leaders.
  3. Develop and maintain strong collaborations with the various tennis organizations in the area.
  4. Create fundraising streams to help the club become financially solid
  1. Further develop the instructional aspects of our summer clinic so that it becomes a premier USTA CTA (Community Tennis Association) tennis clinic
  2. Pave the way for HPTC to host an annual USTA sanctioned tournament
  3. Bring young people into the organization and develop them into future HPTC leaders and advocates
  4. Increase the involvement of under-represented people in tennis

Be assured that I will work diligently towards attaining my goals and fulfilling the vision of the HPTC.   However, I realize that the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts. I need you, your wisdom, cooperative spirit and assistance.

Your comments, suggestions and concerns about the HPTC are welcomed.  Feel free to contact me anytime at

“Together we can achieve mighty things.”



Madame President

Vickie Bey