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The Highland Park Tennis Club (HPTC) is a 50lc3, tax exempt, public charity located in Pittsburgh, PA.  It was formed in 2002 when a group of avid tennis players came together to promote interest in tennis by developing programs and activities in the local community. The founding fathers are Ronald Brandon, Fred Crawford, Lawade Garris, Bob Gibbs, Jim Quigley, Joyce Scott, and Hannah Vinson-Spearman.   Past presidents include Bob Gibbs and Fred Crawford.  Victoria Thompson Bey is the current president and has presided over the club since 2014. HPTC is an active member of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and geographically falls under the USTA Allegheny Mountain District and USTA Middle States section.

The club is operated by a core of devoted, unpaid volunteers. Annual elections are held to select officers. The club does not have a physical location. As a result of collaborating with the City of Pittsburgh, the Highland Park Tennis Club uses the outdoor hard courts at 6341 Stanton Avenue as its home courts for tournaments and other events. HPTC is proud to have  a multi-cultural membership that come from diverse social economic groups and various communities in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

HPTC does not discriminated in any aspect. It offers various lifetime memberships and sponsorship levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The club offers single memberships and regular family memberships for families consisting of 1-2 adult family members and up to 3 children under the age of 18 who reside in the same household.  Memberships are also available for larger families. Dues are tax deductible. Meetings are generally held once a month on Saturdays. Visit our website at www.hptc.info for the exact times, dates and locations of meetings.

In 2009, HPTC won the USTA Middles States section “Community Tennis Association and the USTA Allegheny Mountain District “Organization of the Year 2009”.

A signature piece for the club is its FREE summer tennis clinic which operates each year, on Saturday mornings from 9:30 am to 11:00 am.   The clinic begins the first Saturday in May and ends the third Saturday of July.     Instruction is provided by top local tennis players and is offered on all levels, i.e. beginners, intermediate and advanced for adults and children from 5 years old. Racquets are provided for those who need them.

The HPTC Spring Tennis Party, which replaced the HPTC Winter Tennis Party, the Morris Doc Turner 5K Run/Walk and Health Expo, the HPTC Free Summer Tennis Clinic, the HPTC Wrap Up Tournament which is held at the end of summer, and the HPTC Steeler Party and Food Drive are annual events sponsored by the club. Each event is opened to the public.

Throughout the years HPTC has proudly accepted its responsibility to give back to the community by providing free tennis lessons during street festivals, in schools and for community organizations, providing winter clothing for children in need, sponsoring food drives for local food banks, contributing financial donations to numerous non-profit, tax exempt organizations including   the Gateway Medical Society, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers), SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), Gwen’s Girls, Save a Sole Shoe Program, Sickle Cell Society, MAD DADS (Men Against Destruction, Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder), Westminster, Mid-Summer Classic, Bob O’Connor Tennis Classic, NAACP Tennis Tournament, Champions Association, Family Resources, Pittsburgh Area Tennis League, Bill Colbert Tennis Tournament, Haitian Relief Fund and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

HPTC Mission

To promote and develop the growth of tennis in Pittsburgh’s multi-cultural community.

To increase tennis participation, support tennis programming and foster diversity.

To use tennis as a means to develop and maintain physical and mental wellness.

HPTC Vision

Enlarge our territory by becoming a strong positive force, an advocate, a voice in the promotion, development and growth of tennis in Pittsburgh’s Multi-Cultural Community.

If you would like to help us achieve our goals, mission or vision, please join our organization. Additionally, we are strongly encouraging all of our friends and members to step up and become Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Sponsors of this organization. We are a non-profit, tax exempt, 501(c) (3) public charity, so please make your tax deductible contribution today!

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