2015 Middle States Hall of Fame Ceremony

Tennis Hall of Fame ceremony

The 22nd annual  USTA Middle States Hall of Fame Induction Dinner and Auction took place on Friday, Oct. 30, 2015 at the Longue Vue Club in Verona, Pa. The Longue Vue Club is 10 miles outside of Downtown Pittsburgh.

hall of fame

          This year’s awardees included Mark Darby, Harry Ferrari, Bette Salmon and Dan Santorum.   “It’s exciting to recognize this group for their many contributions to tennis,” said Hall of Fame Chair Bob Ruzanic.  “All four of these individuals have grown our game in their own unique ways and have had a profound impact on the sport. We’re excited to honor them for their accomplishments.”

vicki and kelli

left) Kelle Cunningham,Tennis Service Representative – USTA Middle States – Allegheny Mountain District

right) Vicki Bey, President, Highland Park Tennis Club

          The USTA Middle States Hall of Fame Induction Dinner and Auction is an annual event and rotates each year among the six Middle States Districts. Funds raised benefit the Middle States Tennis Patrons’ Foundation, which supports junior tennis programs in Middle States and furthers tennis education objectives throughout the Section.

bob and kelli

Kelle with Bob Gibbs, current officer and founder, Highland Park Tennis Club

Twenty-five percent of the evening’s proceeds will be distributed specifically in the Allegheny Mountain District (AMD).

hall of fame

          Established in 1994, the prestigious Hall boasts 99 prior inductees, including tennis legend and women’s rights pioneer Billie Jean King, and former USTA Presidents Jane Brown Grimes, Merv Heller, Judy Levering, Dave Haggerty and Martin Tressel. The event provides an opportunity for all who love the game of tennis to celebrate the past and support the future.

middle states

All above photos courtesy of Bob Gibbs.